Chronic Kidney Disease Awareness 

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Advisor to AstraZena Pharmaceutical 2020

Steve Belcher Podcast 5/20

Round Table Discussion at Arizona Senator  Sinema's office   1/23/20                                

Advisor to Otsuka Pharmaceutical 9/2018

Arizona Health & Living  (West Valley)  6/2018

MyTherapy Guest Blog    3/8/18





eCareDiary: Coping with Chronic Kidney  Disease  3/06/18

NephJC: One More Patient Voice on CKD Staging and Precision Medicine  12/08/16

Center for Science in the Public Interest: Nutrition Action Healthletter   9/16 

New York State United Teachers: It's What We Do   8/9/16

American Kidney Fund: Slowing DownCKD - It Can Be Done   7/14/16

The Edge Podcast  5/19/16

Dear Annie   3/10/14

Renal Diet Headquarters Podcast   2/12/14

Accountable Kidney Care Collaborative: Bob's Blog   1/23/14

Wall Street Journal: Patients Can Do More to Control Chronic Conditions  1/13/14

The Neuropathy Doctor’s News   9/23/13 

Series of five Monthly CKD education classes in The Salt River Pima-Maricopa

                                                                                                                                    Indian Community   9/12/13

KidneySteps: Gail Rae and SlowItDown  9/11/13 

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community: 4th Annual Men and

                                                                                                                                  Women's Gathering  8/29/13

National Kidney Foundation: Staying Healthy  6/6/13

KidneySteps: Learning Helps with CKD    7/04/12

Life Options Links for Patients and Professionals   5/30/12

It Is Just What It Is    3/9/12

Online with Andrea    03/07/12

Working with Chronic Illness  2/17/12

Libre Tweet Chat with Gail Rae   1/10/12   1/1/12

Improve Your Kidney Health with Dr. Rich Snyder, DO   11/21/11

Glendale Community College Gaucho Gazette   8/22/11

The NephCure Foundation   8/21/11

Authors Show Radio    8/8/11

Renal Support Network: Another 30 Years  1/11/10

Working with Chronic Illness: Are You Aching to Write    1/11/10